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Keep your animal friends healthy!
Ask Vet Advice -'s goal is to help you, the pet guardian, improve your knowledge of your pet's everyday needs and health care through a variety of pet services and veterinary resources.
The American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture - To improve animal health care by the advancement of veterinary acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine through education, research, and leadership.
Who the foundation has helped!
Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)SNAP is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3, non-profit organization dedicated solely to offering affordable spay/neuter alternatives for dogs and cats in the hopes of bringing an end to the needless suffering they endure as a result of overpopulation.  High volume spaying and neutering is the only way to end pet overpopulation100% of our resources and efforts are put to this single purpose.  Through our network of participating veterinarians, we offer reduced-fee spay/neuter services for both cats and dogs.

Castaway Critters is a 501(c)3, no-kill, foster home animal rescue and spay/neuter charity finding homes for over 7,000 companion animals since 2001.  They are celebrating 10 years of offering hope and new beginnings to the lost and forgotten, the sick and the abandoned.  


Steelton Borough Community Cats - Steelton Borough has A Plan for Every Cat. 
We are a group of volunteers, working in partnership with Steelton Borough Council, the Steelton Fire Department,  and local animal rescue organizations to humanely reduce the cat population and ensure there is A Plan for Every Cat.

Paros Greece Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) -  One of Susan's loves was travel and one of her destinations was Greece where she was known to feed the many stray cats on the island.  In honor of Susan, the foundation decided to continue Susan's mission in Greece.  Paros Animal Welfare Society has been active on Paros Island since 1995.  It remains the only organization involved with the welfare of animals under human care. PAWS aims to rehome unwanted dogs and help neighbourhoods manage their stray cat communities. It also monitors and reports any animal abuse and recommends good practices. PAWS is a non-profit organization and depends on membership fees, donations and volunteers to carry out its work.



Feeding strays in Greece. No matter where in the world she traveled, Susan always had a little something for her animal friends.